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If you ever happen to be in Christchurch and are over 18, then definitely include mead tasting at Colony on your "free things to do in Christchurch" list. One of our favourite things is watching people taste a range of quality mead for the first time, as we talk through the story of this ancient drink, savoured throughout history by royalty and peasants alike, vikings and medieval knights, brides and grooms, or simply as a refreshing alternative to beer or wine. Originating approximately 9000 years ago (aro 7000 BCE) in ancient China, it is believed mead was created by accident as...

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Our delicious Bees Nees Honey Cream Liqueur Cheesecake makes for an indulgent treat without adding sugar, using the natural honey and slight maltiness from the Bees Nees for a rich flavour and creamy texture.

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