Rob's Heritage Range - Beenut Butter II (Honey, Peanut & Chocolate Spread) 325g

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Our coolroom is bursting at the seams... so Beenut Butter is the first to go.  Enjoy the sale while stocks last as the next batch of Beenut Butter will be over a year away.

Our Beenut Butter II is an indulgent combination of honey, peanut butter and dark chocolate.  

I have been making Beenut Butter I since the late 1990's... but we came up with this recipe when our production facility was down in Christchurch around 2008.  It tasted of cookie dough and we all put our hands up to clean down the equipment afterwards.  I have made this batch with local Bay of Plenty honey, but I think if I make this again, it has to be done with South Island clover honey!

You can put some in ice-cube trays and freeze... the texture becomes like a firm caramel.  It is very delicious with ice-cream - you wouldn't know it was honey!  Additionally, you can then dip them in dark chocolate and you have a heavenly treat.

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