Hansen Bros. Vipers Honey (325g)

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In 1868 Lars and Johan Hansen established their general store in Thames. As the 5th generation we are delighted to offer our heritage range of products under the Hansen Bros. brand.

Vipers Honey is a traditional liquid honey (from Central Otago). It received its name as the head of the borage flower resembled a viper, and in ancient times the Vipers Bugloss plant was helped to treat snake bites.


Viper’s bugloss or blueweed (Echium vulgare) was introduced into New Zealand in the 1800's and whilst it is seen as a weed, it produces the most beautiful tasting honey. 

Vipers Bugloss is a light amber colour and has a sweet toffee flavour with a slight herbaceous aftertaste.

It is perfect as a sweetener for your tea or as a drizzle over your breakfast cereal, waffles or pancakes.