Rob's Heritage Range - Beenut Butter I (Honey Peanut Spread)

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It's more honey than peanut butter with the consistency of caramel!  Our Beenut Butter I is a smooth combination of honey and peanut butter.  An indulgent treat for those who love the sweeter things in life.

You can put some in ice-cube trays and freeze... the texture becomes like a firm caramel and is very delicious with ice-cream or for that small sweet treat.

I have been making Beenut Butter since the late 1990's...but my father created the recipe back in the early 1980's... do you remember Honey Village in Poihipi Road, Taupo?  That's where he made it, and as a kid, I helped pack the honey but I mostly I ate the honey... I particularly loved his honey and peanut spread.

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