Founder and resident "honeymeister", Kris Jansen is a 4th-generation bee fanatic who grew up with a beekeeping family who have been harvesting honey sustainably in New Zealand since the 1920's.

The family established a sustainable farming community called "Beeville" in the central North Island, built on principles of ethical and healthy living - well ahead of their time. Their strong values of conscientious objection were controversial at the time, with members of the family famously incarcerated alongside another well-known beekeeping family (Hillary).

hansen hautapu detention

Growing up with such strong values and closeness to nature, and the bee in particular, has been a strong influence for Kris in the direction of Colony. Watching her father work carefully with bees and talk of their importance and ecology has meant that it has always been about more than just honey.

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Kris opened her first store at Lindale, Kapiti in 1995, then her Honeymeisters store in Wellington in 2004.

Still producing a range of delicious honey's under the Honeymeisters, Ginger Bee and Beeville brands, while recently launching the "Rob's Heritage" range of spreads to acknowledge the family history, the "Colony" is expanding and gaining an international following.

We enjoy adding our own chapter to the family history, and sharing our love of the bee with new generations.