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Welcome to Colony

Since 1868, our family have been proud purveyors of New Zealand craftmanship. 

With a lifetime of experience in the honey industry, and as a 4th generation honeymeister, I use my expertise to create beautiful, innovative and delicious products and sell them in our boutique friendly stores, and here of course.

Our boutique retail store in Christchurch offers a unique experience where we encourage you to try our full product range, including our famous mead tasting.

Our Colony Wholesaler operation focuses on developing and producing beautiful taste and texture, that you can try in-store.

In recent times we have all been faced with adversity that has given us the opportunity to focus on what really matters to us.

At Colony, it gave us the opportunity to uncover lost family history that reminded us that serving quality New Zealand products has been part of our family for over 150 years.

We are very proud of our heritage, and of adding our own chapter to that family history.

Just like my ancestors, we continue to produce many of our products ourselves, and only select other local products that we consider to be of a quality that we can stand behind. 

Kris Jansen
Founder and Honeymeister

Colony of New Zealand

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