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Bees Nees Cream Liqueur Original Honey 700ml

Bees Nees Cream Liqueur Original Honey 700ml

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OH NO!  Apparently we all LOVE Bees Nees a little too much, and our bottler has been unable to keep pace!

Due to a shortage of bottles, we are likely to be out of Bees Nees until September.

(In the meantime please check out our Prenzel's Butterscotch Cream alternative.)


An icon in its own right, our Bees Nees has built a loyal following for those that love a cream liqueur on ice.

The West Coast honeydew in our Original Honey accentuates the whisky base giving it a much fuller malty flavour.  

It's now one of our top selling products at our Colony stores.
700ml 14%Alc/Vol

Check out our Bees Nees Baked Cheesecake that uses Original Honey as an ingredient... it is easy to make and tastes incredibly good!


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