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Buccaneer Beard Oil

Buccaneer Beard Oil

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‘Buccaneer’ is infused with bay rum, the old-time smell of a barber’s shop.

Barbers have produced bay rum for over a hundred years by soaking leaves from the West Indian bay tree in rum.

This method is still used today to make a distinctive aroma that is also a natural astringent, healing any nicks or cuts from shaving.

Argan oil, sweet almond oil and jojoba soften and moisturise your beard and skin. You’ll notice a healthier looking, softer beard in no time while combating dry skin and the dreaded ‘bearddruff’.

Usage Instructions

Pour five to six drops into your palm, rub hands together and work vigorously into your beard, then shape as extravagantly as desired. Our Board Bristle Beard Combs are perfect to use after applying to leave your beard shimmering and kempt.

Apply throughout the day as desired, especially effective after bathing to re-moisturise your beard and skin.

  • Natural, fair trade and GE free.

  • Comes in our standard 30ml amber bottle.

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