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Ginger Bee Healthy 325g

Ginger Bee Healthy 325g

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Introducing our natural New Zealand honey infused with Fijian ginger, local bee pollen and turmeric for the health conscious. Fantastic for smoothies, as a warm drink or an invigorating spread. Bee pollen naturally offsets the sweetness for a nicely balanced flavour.

My father was the very first person in New Zealand to create honey infusions back in the late 1970's.  He built the machinery that we still use today.   Over the years a few beekeepers have blended honey with ingredients, but it's only stirring as opposed to true infusion.  You can taste the difference!

He once made a honey and bee pollen spread and it tasted like paste. I didn't like it. My father told me it was incredibly healthy, so decades later I decided to make my own version of his honey and pollen spread, but with added ginger and turmeric: GINGER BEE HEALTHY.

It's the perfect balance of the wheaty-taste of pollen, followed by the sweet and then spicy of honey and ginger, punctuated with the bite of turmeric.  Delicious!

Bees actually collect bee pollen as food for the worker bees and pack it into beeswax cells as they blend it with nectar to preserve it. It's known as Bee Bread.

It is stored in brood cells, mixed with saliva, and sealed with a drop of honey. Bee pollen is harvested as food for humans, with various health claims, one of them being that the fermentation process makes it much more potent than simple flower pollen.

Pollen is full of protein and contains every nutrient available in the soil.  People take bee pollen for energy and those trace elements that aren't found in many foods.

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