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Rob's Heritage Ginger Intense 300g

Rob's Heritage Ginger Intense 300g

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Our famous Ginger Intense (now under the Rob's Heritage Range) is made with locally collected kanuka honey and is infused with drained ginger and ground ginger for that warm feeling before ending with a real ginger kick!  Great in smoothies, for cooking, as a warm drink or a spread with real ginger flavour.

My father was the very first person in New Zealand to create honey infusions back in the late 1970's.  He built the machinery that we still use today.   Over the years a few beekeepers have blended honey with ingredients, but it's only blending, typically with powders, essences etc, but nothing compares to our infusion process.  You can taste the difference!

Our latest batch of Ginger Bee Intense is SPICY!  I doubled the ginger and man is it spicy! Here's to next level Ginger Bee INTENSE!


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