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Ginger Bee Tonic 325g

Ginger Bee Tonic 325g

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Our Ginger Bee Tonic is made with a local manuka honey, Fijian ginger and Te Puke lemon and is the perfect for tonic for those days you feel like a pick-me-up.  Delicious in hot drinks or as a refreshing spread. The goodness of manuka, infused with ginger and New Zealand lemon to create a full-flavour product that is fan-favourite!

 My father was the very first person in New Zealand to create honey infusions back in the late 1970's.  He built the machinery that we still use today.   Over the years a few beekeepers have blended honey with ingredients, but it's only blending, typically with powders, essences etc, but nothing compares to our infusion process.  You can taste the difference!

The lemon is freeze-dried and collected from orchards just a few kilometres away and processed in Te Puke.  We use freeze-dried lemon so we can increase the concentration of lemon by removing most of the water whilst retaining all the goodness of the lemon. 

When processing it into the honey, a huge plume of fine lemon particules fills the air.  Despite wearing a mask, I still breathe it in and can feel it energise my lungs... at least I hope that's what its doing otherwise I'm in trouble!  Regardless, it fells like a huge vitamin C boost!

We've been making the Tonic for about ten years now and it has its following!  It is probably best used as a sweetener in teas or make into a hot drink.  We sell a lot to office workers who just keep a jar on their desk.

 If you like ginger and lemon, you will love our Ginger Bee Tonic!


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