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Macrocarpa Wood Wax

Macrocarpa Wood Wax

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Natural beeswax-based wood wax with linseed oil for showing your furniture some love.

Whether it’s a wooden table, cheeseboard, or just a little something special handed down to you from your grandmother, like I have, it needs to be protected from moisture loss.

This woodwax comes in a tin with a screw lid for easy access. 

Other than the beautiful aroma of beeswax, the main advantage of wood preservation with natural waxes is that the wood can still breathe.. depending on what it needs to do, ie, give off or take on moisture. This is so the surface won't crack.

Additionally, scratches can quickly be redone, there is the added water protection, and it can be used immediately after polishing.

The ancient ingredients of Macrocarpa Wood Wax are simply pure beeswax, raw linseed oil, propolis and macrocarpa extract.

Propolis has strong antiseptic qualities as a protection against fungus and bacteria - important for the cheeseboard. Macrocarpa extract enhances protection against insects.

Woodwax can be used on all furniture, table tops, wooden floors and also on shoes and leather gear.

Timber may be oiled first. When dried, apply Macrocarpa Wood Wax with a woollen cloth.

For good water protection on table tops, apply several times. The ancient rule is:
-The first week, once a day
-The first month, once a week
-The first year, once a month.

This can be sped up by using a hot air gun. The wax penetrates the surface of the warm timber especially well, and after a few times, you will have excellent water protection.

Remember to use the wood wax sparingly. Apply only as much wax as you can polish in.

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