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Propolis Extract (25ml)

Propolis Extract (25ml)

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Manuka South® Propolis Extract – Contains both antioxidants and flavonoids which help your body fight infections, boost the immune system, fight sore throats and more!

Bee Propolis Extract Benefits

Over time, our bodies can take on a lot of stress in the form of toxins and bacteria. Unless you are able to eat a fully organic (meaning pesticide and herbicide free) diet, your body absorbs many of the toxins in the food you eat daily.

This can cause great stress on the liver. While our bodies can get rid of some of the toxins through the liver, over time they build up. As our bodies begin to age, it becomes harder and harder for us to fight off the toxins and the body can become overwhelmed with fighting them.

This is why you should take a product that helps boost your immune system like Manuka South® Propolis Extract 20%. This perfect combination of Propolis has both antioxidants and flavonoids which can help your body to:

• Fight off free radicals

• Support the function of your liver

• Increase overall good health

• Act as a natural antibiotic

• Boost the immune system

• Fight infections

• Support healthy cell growth

• Increase the body’s defenses

There are so many benefits of taking Manuka South®  Propolis Extract 20%. For centuries, bees have sought out the resin from cone bearing trees and other natural sources.

The Propolis found in Manuka South®  Propolis Extract 20% comes from pristine areas of New Zealand where trees are plentiful with their resin, enabling the trees to protect newly formed buds. As the honeybees go about collecting this resin, they place it on their hind legs and fly it to the hive.

After arriving at the hive the resin is mixed with their beeswax and certain enzymes which create the Propolis. Then, they spread it throughout the hive as a barrier, ensuring protection of the colony from outside invaders.

By placing the Propolis in holes and in between cracks and crevices in the honeycomb, they are making sure nothing foreign can get in. Bees typically need protection from things such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses in order to keep the colony healthy. By using the Propolis they are creating a sterile, healthy environment for themselves to live in.

Bee Propolis Has Been Used For Thousands Of Years

Over the years, different groups of people have used Propolis for different reasons. There is evidence of human consumption dating back to the year 350 BC, with the Greeks, the Assyrians, and even the Egyptians using it for various different illness and preservation processes.

Even modern medicine now understands how very important and beneficial Propolis is to the human body. Many doctors have used it for a variety of ailments from the common cold to more serious conditions such as cancer.

Although it can be used as a treatment for illnesses and diseases, using it proactively can help to avoid these things to begin with.

Propolis works so well because of the amount of antioxidants and flavonoids it naturally contains. Our bodies contain free radicals and these compounds can cause stress to our bodies while making us age faster than normal.

When the body is able to fight the free radicals, it improves health and slows down the aging process. Although most humans have very good immune systems, the immune system does need help when it comes to fighting free radicals, and there is no better source than with Propolis. Dr Bee Propolis Extract 20% has just the right combination to help your immune system function at its peak.

In addition to fighting off disease and free radicals, the Propolis contains the right formula to not only boost the immune system, but to help the body regenerate cells. When old or damaged cells die off, healthy, new cells replace them. The Propolis aids in the forming of these healthy new cells.

So whether you’re under the weather or just looking to gain that extra edge, give Manuka South®  Propolis Extract 20% a try. In addition to helping you stay healthy, it will provide needed support for your immune system so you can fight off colds, viruses, and a host of other ailments. With proper use of Manuka South®  Propolis Extract 20%, your body can be functioning and feeling its best, year round.


Gargle 3-4 drops in half a glass of warm water daily or as required.

Food Health Warning:
In rare cases, some people, especially asthma sufferers, may have an allergic reaction to propolis. Symptoms may include rash on skin, upset stomach and wheezing. In serious cases, refrain from use and see your doctor.

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